Et smukt syn - to vine på vej

I år har vi lavet to vine; en brombærvin og en æblevin. Begge er på ca. 22-23 liter og ender med at blive over 30 flasker hver.
Planen er også at lave en kirsebærvin og måske en druevin i år.

Æblevinen er lavet på 11 forskellige sorter. Fem fra egen nyttehave og seks andre sorter fra Amager Fælled.

Æblevinen er gæret med EC-1118 (såkaldt champagnegær) og brombærvinen er lavet på portvinsgær.

Her er en opskrift jeg har delt på Facebook med en der spurgte om hvordan jeg gjorde:
(beklager det er på engelsk)

10 kilos of apples, 11 varieties (5 from my urban garden, 6 growing in the wild)
5,5 kilos of sugar
champagne yeast, EC-1118
Tannins added (about 2 grams, white wine tannins)
Yeast Nutrients
Citric acid (two table spoons of citric acid powder)
Pectid enzymes.

Skewer and remove apple cores and add the apples to a mash bag.
Add everything except yeast in primary (foodgrade bucket) with a cloth on after stirring.
Wait 24 hours. Measure the sugar contents with a hydrometer. Preferably it should be 1090-1110. Stir again. Then add the yeast.
Fermentation should be ongoing at least two days after pitting yeast.
Let the fermentation go for a couple of days. Measure with hydrometer each day (stir first). When the hydrometer says 1010-1020 then put everything in your secondary (carboy of plastic or glass, I prefer plastic). Put on an airlock.
Wait no more than 3-6 days then rack the wine from carboy to carboy to remove sediments.
Let the wine stand in the carboy for another 2 weeks. Then rack again. Rack after another month again. And bottle some time after 2-4 months in the carboy. Before bottling you might want to "backsweeten" by adding 1-3 cups sugar or honey (to taste, don't make it too sweet. Also you need to add potassium / stabilizers / campden before bottling so you don't risk a new fermentation that will explode the bottles.

Be careful with racking. Apple wine is very susceptible to oxidation which will darken the wine and potentially change the taste. Don't use the tap on the bucket but use tubes that are emerged in the wine liquid.

I am adding oak chips and a touch of vanilla (half a piece) in mine. I add it to a mashbag I put into the secondary (don't add it in the primary) for a week or so. Some people also do x-mas versions with cinnamon sticks, cloves, star anis etc. Remember, less is more. You want to add notes not letting it dominate. Also putt less than you would think and don't leave it in for much more than a week.